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Profit and Loss

Dear students, today we are providing an important mathematics tips to you. This article is about the Profit & Loss (P&L). Friends, P&L is one of the most significant chapters which is not only used in our daily life. In fact, problems on profit and loss are also asked in various examinations such as 10th, 12th, competitive exams and many others. So, learners, who want to learn the profit and loss correctly they must read this web page with full concentration. 
Profit and Loss

To learn this chapter, you must have the knowledge of its factors which are described below.

Cost Price (C.P.)

The price at which a thing is bought, known its cost price.

Selling Price (S.P)

At which price a thing is sold, is called its selling price.


The amount which is gained by the selling of a thing is called profit.


By selling of an article, if the selling price is less the cost price then the difference of both price will be the loss.


  • Profit= Selling Price - Cost Price
  • Profit Percentage= Profit × 100 ÷ Cost Price
  • Loss=Cost Price-Selling Price
  • Loss Percentage=Loss × 100 ÷ Cost Price
  • Selling Price=(100 + Profit%) × Cost Price ÷ 100
  • Selling Price=(100 - Loss%) × Cost Price ÷ 100
  • Cost Price=100 × Selling Price ÷ (100 + Profit%)
  • Cost Price=100 × Selling Price ÷ (100 – Loss%)
So, students start the solving problems based on Profit and Loss. For more mathematics tips stay visiting our blog.
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