How to crack Civil Services Exam | Easy Tips

We all know that the Civil Services Examination is one of the toughest exams in India. To pass the UPSC Examination is “hard nut to crack” but it is not impossible if you prepare yourself in the discriminate method. To crack an IAS Exam, students are suggested to know concerning how to crack Civil Services Examination which has been effectively arranged to present the essential strategies to become an IAS Officer.

A candidate, who is preparing for IAS Exam, must be acquainted with the way of preparing well. Several aspirants learn well but not in an ideal manner. So, here we are describing few important plans which will be helpful for those students who are preparing for Civil Services Exam. Applicants, you can check the article concerning how to crack Civil Services Exam below on this page.
How to crack Civil Services Exam


Self-study is the most excellent manner for getting success in UPSC Exam. If you use self-study in your schooling for IAS, you can achieve well. With the self-study, you must solve the earlier question papers of Civil Service Exam. This will enhance your self-confidence.

Read Fewer but with Concentration

There are a lot of aspirants who read 16-18 hours in a day but do not learn with attentiveness and in the examination, they failed to get the achievement. They guilt to their luck but it is all on the subject of their method of homework. A lot of specialists suggested that in the training of any exam learners must study with the focus instead of reading additional hours. So those students who are preparing for IAS Examination should remember this point.

Prepare your own notes

For achieving success in Civil Services Exam, you must have to set up your own notes which will be helpful in your examination time. The proper method of making notes is that studies the books and underline as well as note the chief line or topic. When you will study to your own notes, your brain will think about that significant topic that you have examined from the notes. Thus, self-prepared notes are essential to your success in the UPSC Exam.

Get Clear to Subjects of Course

In the UPSC, you can’t be interdependent on the learning of Question Banks and many others. If you wish for accomplishment in UPSC Examination, you will have to study from all text books connected to the course outline of Civil Services Exam and read all the topics or lessons of books. Any subject or topic should not be missing from the books. If you have studied all concepts very well then you will be absolutely successful.

Read the newspaper Daily

Reading of newspaper regularly can be supportive in IAS examination. As well as you must read a monthly current affair book. This will enlarge your awareness about the world and you will get latest updates. So, you must read a newspaper every day.

Choose Top Books

For the preparation of IAS, you must pick fine books of best writers because books play an important role in the preparation of the Civil Services Exam. Books should be chosen as per the prospectus of UPSC. With these books, you should learn from the NCERT books of 9th-12th class. After that, you can read the question banks for the revision.

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