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Friends if you are learning Adobe Photoshop and you want to create something new then you must read the Adobe Photoshop Designs which are given on this web page. You can create beautiful designs on your images by following below given steps to create awesome designs on pictures. Let's see these steps.
Adobe Photoshop Designs

Change the Color of Hair in an Image

  • Open image.
  • Select brush tool with feather (size =200).
  • Pick color as you want (For ground color).
  • Drag on the hair area (color all hair).
  • F7----)Normal----)Soft light.
  • Eraser tool----)size{36}.
  • Erase extra color.
  • Shift+U----)Set color as you desire.

How to Create Old Paper Effect in an Image

  • Open a human image.
  • Unlock----)Ctrl+J
  • F7----)Normal----)Color dodge.
  • Image Menu----)Mode----)Grayscale----)Don't merge.
  • Filter Menu----)Blur----)Gaussian Blur(8.9).
  • Ctrl+E----)Drag the picture on old paper image.
  • Select layer 1----)F7----)Normal----)Multiply.

How to Increase The Clarity of Image

  • Open image.
  • Unlock the picture.
  • Ctrl+M----)Curve line touch [Input(106) | Output (131)].
  • Press the Ok button.
  • Image Menu----)Adjustment----)Selective Color----)Black(-71).
  • Ctrl+L----)Input Radius (10).
  • Tap the Ok tab.
  • Ctrl+M----)Curve line touch[Input(109) | Output(120)].
  • Hit the Ok button.

Blurred Shadow Effect

  • Open image.
  • Unlock the image.
  • Ctrl+J.
  • Ctrl+T----)In the property tool bar[Width(70%) | Height(70%)] .
  • F7----)Bevel emboss----)size(10).
  • Layer 0----)Filter----)Blue----)Gaussian blur.
  • Radius size(22).
  • Hit the submit button.

Create Passport Size Photos - Four Photos

  • Open picture.
  • Select crop tool----)Width(3.5 cm) | Height(4.5 cm) | Resolution (300).
  • Tap on Ok button.
  • New page----)Width (4 inch) | Height(4 inch) | Resolution(300).
  • Hit on Ok tab.
  • Now drag the cropped picture on the page.
  • Alt+Click.
  • Ctrl+J(3 times).

Fire around the text 

  • Open new page.
  • Text (3rd)----)Type Text with bold and black color.
  • Ctrl+D----)Ctrl+E(merge down).
  • Filter Menu----)Stylize----)Wind----)From left.
  • Ctrl+F(3 times)
  • Filter Menu----)Stylize----)Wind----)From right.
  • Ctrl+F(3times).
  • Image Menu----)Rotate canvas----)90°CCW.
  • Filter Menu----)Stylize----)Wind----)From left.
  • Ctrl+F(3 times).
  • Filter Menu----)Stylize----)Wind----)From right.
  • Ctrl+F(3 times).
  • Image menu----)Rotate canvas----)90°CW.
  • Filter menu----)Distrot----)Ripple[(100) |(medium)].
  • Image menu----)Mode----)Grayscale.
  • Image Menu----)Mode----)Index color.
  • Image Menu----)Mode----)Color table----)Black body.
  • Image Menu----)Mode----)RGB.
  • Type the same text with same font style.
  • Set on previous text using Ctrl+T.
  • Ctrl+E----)Crop.

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